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Eligibility: If you have previously attended a retreat and you are registering for the Full Weekend (not Saturday Only), a partial scholarship grant may be available to pay for part of your registration fee. The cost is covered by scholarship donations and other W&R PCD fundraising activities. The retreat planning committee reviews scholarship requests and makes grant decisions based upon availability of funds and your stated need.

If you are attending for the first time, you receive a special first-time price for Full Weekend registration in lieu of any other discount. You are not required to meet the early bird deadline in order to receive this price, although you must still register before registration closes. There is also a special, very low price for Saturday Only registration, for which there are no discounts or scholarships.

Requests: If you wish to request a partial scholarship then, in the box provided on the online registration form, tell us what you would like to pay based upon your needs, and why. We will contact those who have requested scholarships as soon as possible, using the contact information provided on the registration form.

You may either register and pay the full requested amount due (early bird or base price, depending on when you register) while awaiting a response, or you can register and defer payment (by selecting the Mail a Check option). Please note, however, that your space at the retreat will not be reserved until your share of the registration fee has been received.

Refunds: If a scholarship is granted we will refund any amount you have already paid that is covered by the grant. If a scholarship is not granted we will, at your request, refund in full any amount that you prepaid. The usual cancelation fee of $25 will not be deducted.

Deferring Payment: If you cannot pay the full requested amount due then please go ahead and register well in advance of the close of registration (we cannot process “last minute” scholarship requests). Complete the “Partial Scholarship” box and select the “Mail A Check” payment option, but wait until you have received your grant to actually mail the check.

Grant Amounts: Scholarship amounts are granted relative to the full regular price ($250), in lieu of any other discount that might be offered. If, for example, you request to pay $175 then you would be requesting a grant of $75 ($250 minus $175), whether or not an early bird discount was in effect. This does not affect how much you actually pay, but if the stated amount of the grant is not what you were expecting, this may explain why.