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The 2015 Women & Religion
Annual Women's Retreat

Women & Religion of the
UUA Pacific Central Region

Welcome Women! We look forward to seeing you at Generations of Women: How are we the same – How are we different, February 27 - March 1 at Enchanted Hills Retreat near Napa, California.

This letter confirms your registration and provides information you will need in advance to make the most of the retreat.


General Information

Workshops and Activities

Things to Bring

Directions to Enchanted Hills

Annotated Map of Enchanted Hills Camp




See you soon!

Beverly Morgan (Registrar) and the Retreat Planning Team

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For assistance you may also call Beverly Morgan at 650-619-3870 (10 AM - 10 PM).

General Information

Check In

Check In for Full Weekend attendees arriving on Friday begins Friday at 11:00 AM in the Dining Hall, where you will receive your information folder and room assignment, and goes through 5:00 PM. You will want to arrive by 1:30 PM to attend our great Friday workshops (see “Planned Workshops,” below).

Check In for Thursday early arrival will be in the Dining Hall (or in front of it, depending on availability), beginning at 5 PM. Arrive before sunset if possible—the road is steep and winding. A microwave oven should be available if you need to heat something for dinner.

Check Out time for all Full Weekend attendees is 3:00 PM on Sunday.

Check In for Saturday Only attendees is Saturday morning between 8 AM and 10 AM.

See the driving directions below or the Enchanted Hills detailed map for the locations of the buildings.

Sleeping Accommodations

Every effort will be made to make your stay a pleasant one. Room and roommate assignments are based upon stated preferences and special needs. Enchanted Hills provides blankets, sheets, pillows, pillowcases and one washcloth and towel per participant.


Full Weekend option: Seven delicious meals will be served in the Dining Hall Friday lunch through Sunday lunch. If you chose Thursday early arrival, there are no Thursday meals but you will receive breakfast on Friday in addition to the other meals.

Saturday Only option: You will receive three delicious meals. You do not have to arrive in time for breakfast, but we encourage you to do so.

Workshops and Activities

Come ready to nurture your spirit. Feel free to choose from the planned activities or spend time alone or with a friend. Workshop offerings and additional activities could change.

PLANNED Workshops

Zentangle (Asya Lesly, Friday)

History of Women and Religion (Geri Kennedy and Barbara Schonborn, Friday)

Crossing Bridges: Interfaith Connections (Sylvia Jones, Friday)

Mysteries of the Internet (Megan Brooks and Mary Ann Bernard, Friday)

Foil Figure Power Women-- Foil Figures Return (Mary Ann Davis)

Who was Sally Hemings? (Meg Bowman and Mary Ann Dahle)

History of the International Convocation of UU Women (Laura Nagel)

You Too Can Haiku! (Jean Embree)

Tarot — The Way into Your Subconscious and Out into Your Life! (Jean Embree)

EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique (Ellen Doerfer)

Align Your Body's Energies to Boost Your Health and Vitality (Mary Ann Dahle)

Luk Tung Kuen (Joan Mancuso)

The music and poetry of feminist/activist icon Ani Difranco (Patricia Lewis)

Book Discussion: Amy Tan’s Joy Luck Club

Additional Activities THIS YEAR:

Bring a bead or pendant: we are going to make another fabulous necklace for our co-chairs! Help bead or make a pendant for the necklace at the retreat!

<Scarf, hat, and washcloth making (knit, crochet, woven, loomed, ...) -- for donation to bay area homeless shelters. See the website for details.

Interfaith workshop: bring a large solid-color scarf, preferably black or white, but a large colored scarf is also acceptable. Bring bobby pins or clips. Guess why?

Needed for Saturday evening: a few voices to sing Hashiveinu (gray hymnal #216) but no words, only an oo vowel sound. Also, poems about specific times in women's lives if anyone has written any on any of these topics: being a girl; making love (first time or in general); giving birth; being a mother; being a step mother; being childless (by choice or not by choice); choosing to stay single; adult women's friendships; sex (wanting it, not wanting it, etc); becoming a crone/menopause; aging; death/loss of abilities.

Regular Activities

Affinity Circles meet three times during the weekend. These groups provide time for facilitated conversations around the retreat theme, as well as an opportunity to get to know a few women at a more personal levelthan may be possible in the larger group activities of the retreat. Attendance is optional, and speaking is optional. If you are comfortable with facilitating small groups, please consider volunteering to be an Affinity Circle leader.

Ritual and Worship: There will be opportunities for ritual and worship throughout the weekend, including Friday evening ingathering, Sunday worship, and the closing ceremony. If you would like to help create these magical moments, be sure to let us know.

Women & Religion Gathering: On Sunday, we will have our Women & Religion annual gathering. Co-conveners Phyllis Boyson and Beverly Morgan will facilitate. All are encouraged to attend.

Making the World a Better Place: We’ll have a table for petitions, pamphlets, and other information on ways to help our world.

Book Exchange: Recycle your books! Bring a book (or leave a small donation) and take a book home.

Mini-Boutique: Each year we provide space to honor our entrepreneurial spirit. You are welcome to bring items you wish to sell such as hand-crafted goods, jewelry, or self-published books. We request that you donate 15% of your sales to W & R PCD.

Silent Auction: Bring your gift quality items to add to the silent auction tables. The auction also includes a buy-now table. Proceeds go to Women & Religion PCD.

Basket Raffle: Get a basket or a cute box, ask everyone attending from your area and your congregation to donate one item...a bottle of local wine, homemade jams, cookies, etc., some gourmet item from your kitchen that you won't use, local produce like apples, etc. It doesn't have to be expensive, just put together with fellowship.

Things To Bring With You To The Retreat

For Your Body

Plan on layers. The weather this time of year is fickle. In past years it has been warm enough to wear shorts and yet one year it snowed! Check the website for Napa weather.

A warm jacket (it is cold after the sun goes down)

Some of us dress up a little for Saturday evening —whimsical attire is welcome.

Comfy shoes. One of the buildings used for activities is at the bottom of a steep hill. Onsite transportation is available for any who need assistance. Don’t hesitate to ask if you need a ride.

Unscented toiletries. Many of us have chemical sensitivities. We ask that you do not bring scented items including incense, candles, personal products, etc.

Clothes hangers (they disappear -- you might also want to leave a few as a donation)

Ear plugs (to go to sleep with)

A hair dryer

A quiet alarm clock (to wake up to)

A flashlight (for your safety —some pathways are dark after the sun goes down)

For The Fun Of It

Drums, rattles, musical instruments: you never know when an opportunity to make music might arise (some instruments may also be available from Enchanted Hills)

Camera - you don’t want to miss any memories!

Snacks, juice or wine to share at the Social Hour before dinner. While Enchanted Hills provides wonderfully delicious meals, many of us also bring our own favorite snacks to nosh on when the mood strikes.

Altar items for Sunday’s worship – small and special is best

Books for the Book Exchange

Your entrepreneurial Items to sell at the Boutique

Items for the Silent Auction: new or gently used treasures (LESS clothing requested this year). What doesn't sell you will be expected to take home, unless someone agrees to take everything to Goodwill or another similar organization.

A basket for the basket raffle -- we ask every church, or group of women from an individual church, to donate a themed basket of goodies. For example, the Napa women have often donated a basket with lovely Napa wines, olives, etc. This is a great tradition and a major fundraising item for us, that is increasingly overlooked. Please, let's bring back the goodie baskets!

Supplies for making scarves, hats, washcloths – yarn, knitting needles, crochet hooks, etc.

A yoga mat or towel, straps ... for those who do yoga — the floor is rather hard!

Checkbook or cash (for the many fun things listed above that you may want to buy). Also, it has become a tradition to "tip" the Enchanted Hills staff after lunch on Sunday and you may want to save a few dollars to add to the basket.