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Please check this website from time to time in the weeks to come to see what’s happening the rest of the year. New announcements will be posted at the top of the home page. If you have a FaceBook account, please also visit our page and click “Like.” This is an easy way to receive announcements automatically while sharing W&R with your friends. And if you Twitter, follow us there. You can also join the W_R Yahoo! group–if you haven’t already.

Also in preparation is our YouTube channel, WnRPCD. We will be posting video of the this year’s “UU Women and Religion Movement: Roots and Branches” workshop when it is ready. Watch for an announcement at any of the above websites, or subscribe to the channel on YouTube.

While you are here, please visit the W&R Forum. The forum has a new look and it has been updated to be easier to use. You can enter the forum from the website home page by clicking the Forum link at the top of the page, or by clicking any of the forum links in this email message. We have several open discussion “boards” that you are invited to join, including four follow-up discussions about workshops that were offered at the retreat. Currently the boards include:

  • After The Retreat: Your words about the 2012 retreat. Reflections, comments, suggestions…
  • The Superiority of Margaret Fuller (workshop follow-up)
  • UU Women and Religion Movement: Roots and Branches (workshop follow-up)
  • Reflecting On Our Journeys (workshop follow-up)
  • Finding Sophia: Re-discovering and Rebirthing Divine Wisdom In Our Spiritual Lives (workshop follow-up)
  • Online Tools For Social Change: An introduction to “social media” tools and a discussion about how to best make use of them

These boards are just getting started, and some of them may not contain any messages as yet. The workshop leaders should be posting soon if they haven’t already, but you don’t have to wait. You can add your thoughts any time.

If you click a link in the list above, it will take you directly to that board where you can read what has already been said and post your own messages. The first page you will see is the list of topics (if there are any) for the board. Click on any of those and you will go to the topic introduction, which is followed by any replies that have been posted. When you finish with a topic you can click the “next” link to move on to the next one, or you can click the board name (appearing at the top and bottom of the page) to return to the topic list. You can also click “Home” to go to the list of all boards.

Anyone can read forum messages, but before you can post your own messages you must register by clicking the “Register” link at the top of any page and following the instructions. Registration helps protect the forum against malicious software (“bots”) that is ever roaming the Internet.

If you would like to volunteer to help with W&R PCD activities in the coming year, you can now do that using the forum. Once you have registered, click the “Profile” link near the top of any page, click “Group Membership,”  and look for opportunities under “Available Groups.” While you are there, request membership in the “Past Attendees” group. This will open up a few extra features of the forum to you, such as seeing the forum member list.