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MARCH 1-3, 2013

Schedule (PDF)
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Affinity Circle Leaders Still Needed

Please consider volunteering as an Affinity Circle leader, especially if you have attended a retreat previously and have participated in the circles.

We need 1 volunteer for every 4-7 women that register, which can be quite a few.

Affinity circles are small group conversations, held once each day during the retreat. Leaders attend a short training meeting on Friday afternoon about the format of the conversations, and serve to facilitate the gatherings, but otherwise participate like everyone else. You can volunteer on the registration form or by contacting Megan Brooks.

One activity planned for the retreat this year is “Comfort Dolls.” The following description is from the Comfort Doll Project website:

Comfort Dolls

The Comfort Doll Project creates and donates their dolls to be delivered specifically to women in domestic abuse shelters.The project was founded by Pat Winters, to reach out to the courageous women who have made their way to help. We want these women to know that they are not alone. The project is now run by Brenda Hutchings and all of her blog followers. So far we have collected and donated 888 handmade dolls. Dolls are donated to shelters a dozen at a time.

Each doll has a card attached, the card reads:

I am a Comfort Doll. I was made especially for you by a woman’s heart and hand who cares. When you need strength or just a smile, hold me and feel the love I send. Like me, you are unique, worthy, beautiful and deserve all good things in life. You have the strength within yourself to be extraordinary. Find the strength and shine!